Feb – July 2024 Prayer Meetings

All meeting times are in London UK time. For all the meetings we stop accepting new members to the group from the 15th of May 2024. The reason for this is that we find that after a few weeks we have all gotten to meet one another and those who are shy are more settled. Thereby our meetings can begin to go deeper as we’re no longer still concerned with introductions. If you miss this cut-off you can join the next one later in the fall.


  • You must be a bible believing christian.
  • You must have your camera on when you join.

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Tuesdays 6.30AM:- Early morning (UK time) prayer meeting

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Meeting ID: 893 2020 7452
Passcode: rb42yQ

Thursday 11.30AM:- Late morning (UK time) prayer meeting

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Meeting ID: 821 6900 5304
Passcode: 9yCwQy