Psalm 23 Short Course

Registration for this course is now closed for 2023. This course will run again in the near future.

This is an online three week deep dive into Psalm 23 on Zoom platform. Each week we’ll spend 1hour and 45minutes doing the following:

  • Study of the word ‘Shepard’ as used in the psalm
  • Prayer and meditating on Psalm 23 and we take each verse step by step and being mindful to pause and allow the Spirit of the Living God through Jesus Christ our Lord and savour to minister to us.
  • Bible study of the psalm: A step by step study beginning from week 1 and finishing in week 3. Here we will discover the many secret in the psalm such as the Lord as our Good Shepherd
  • Each week we will complete a homework
  • Group discussion

Course Date and Time (London UK Time Zone):

  • Friday 8th December 2023 from 8PM – 9.45PM
  • Thursday 14th December 2023 from 8PM – 9.45PM
  • Wednesday 20th December 2023 from 8PM – 9.45PM

Pre-requisite for attending the course:

  • Registration before 5th of December
  • You must be a bible believing Christian
  • Be prepared to have your camera on during the sessions.
  • Consider committing to the 3 weeks as we will be building upon each week.
  • Be prepared to do homework

What to expect at the end of the course as a result of attending:

  • Increased awareness and confidence that the Lord is indeed with you
  • Increased clarity in hearing His voice
  • Improvement in prayer life
  • Decrease in worry and anxiety
  • Better in touch with your inner most strength as a believer
  • An experiencial knowing that the Lord is working the words of Psalm 23 in you (we are aiming for this to be a lever of overflowing by His grace so that we can help those around us)
  • Build the practice of confessing His word. Those who wish to improve the spiritual practice of speaking the word of God as a sword of the Spirit can look to come away from the course with a good level of this practice and a testimony of the power available through His word.